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Sump Pump Replacement Image A sump pump is the engine of any basement waterproofing system. Just like an automobile, it has moving parts, instead of moving a car, a sump pump moves water, and over time it is liable to break down without proper maintenance and care. A great installation can give you many years of worry-free service, keeping your basement or crawl space dry.

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OverviewOur Sump Pump Advantage

  • Durable Sump Pumps

    We offer either a submersible 1/2 or 3/4 HP pump for primary and have options for secondary backup pumps.

  • Expert Configurations

    Our professionals will install a custom sump pump system that fits your water problem. One key does not fit all locks. One sump pump design does not work in all situations either.

  • Alarms & WiFi Alerts

    We install alarms to notify you when the water level is too high or when a power failure takes place. In this day and age, an option to consider is a phone app to notify you when you are not home.

  • Battery Backup

    Battery backup is a must if you live in an area with frequent power outages. Batteries can last between 2 to 3 days. In severe cases up to a half a day, but enough time to get a generator in place.

  • Discharge Line

    All of our discharge or drain lines come with a check valve to avoid sump pump damage. We also make sure your pump has the adequate horsepower to match the length of the drain line to discharge water.

Top-Rated Sump Pump ProductsConquer and divide your water problem.

Two Sump Pumps and Baskets
Sump Pumps: Different pumps with 1/2 or 3/4 HP engines will get the job done in most cases, but sometimes it may be necessary to combine 2 or even 3 to tame a water problem.
Sump Pump Backup Battery Setup
Battery Backup: This kit includes the primary pump, secondary pump, 12v battery and battery charger. This will buy you extra time if there is a power outage.
Z Control Mobile Monitoring App
Mobile Monitoring: Monitor your house or summer cottage when you are not around. Get status on water level alarm, if secondary pump is active, or if a battery backup is fully charged.

Dry Basement SystemsLet us make sure you are always protected.

Sump Pump and Basket

We find solutions for your water problems.

Installation requires an understanding of the exact cause of your water problem and the type of foundation that you own. Afterward, we can formulate several options to efficiently discharge your sump pump water. There is an essential balance between the basket size, the pump size, and the level at which the pump is set up within the sump basket.

Sump Pump Stand and GFCI Outlet

We help you to keep your home dry.

Setting the pump to the proper height is extremely important. A pump set too low will unnecessarily go on too often. A pump configured too high could allow water to pool up around your floor causing deterioration and dampness inside your basement. Proper pump placement will reduce the number of times a pump will turn on, increasing the pump's lifespan, saving you electricity, money and still give you optimal results.

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Schedule an appointment in the following counties of Connecticut; Fairfield, New Haven, Litchfield, Hartford, Middlesex, New London, Tolland and Windham. In New York; Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess, and Putnum counties.

During our free inspection, we will examine your basement or crawlspace thoroughly for moisture and recommend options that are available. Once we understand the problem and how to solve it we will issue you a quote, not an estimate, to get all the work done thoroughly, affordably.

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